The Project's Trifold Purpose

To Comfort - A common thread in many experiences, is that people received comfort and support from others that have walked this road before. However, the door to that support only swung open after their loss was made public. This project would like to provide that support in media form so that whether or not someone chooses to remain silent, they will still be able to experience healing by listening to others with experiences that mirror their own.

To Acknowledge - Many times, when a woman miscarries a child, the concern rests solely on her:

Her grief, her response, her well being. As such, the man's feelings are never inquired about and a valuable opportunity to help him heal, is missed. By giving them the opportunity to share their own stories, this project will shed light on the fact that men do indeed grieve this experience. 

To Teach -   If someone asked you to define what a miscarriage was, could you? Could you list some of the most general causes? Do you know some of the medical and psychological effects resulting from this experience?  If someone you knew, told you they had just experienced this, would you know what to say or not to say, to convey sympathy and support? This project seeks to teach the general public the answers to these questions.